Book Restoration atelier

The restoration of various injuries, from bindings to different sort of papers, are part of the daily practice. It varies from slightly damaged bindings to very heavily damaged books, which disintegrate into pieces, and from antique charters to old maps.

P1000951  P1000949Restored early 20th century children’s books

P1010938  P1010937 P1010936Book with a lot of paper restoration

Below is broadly reflected what is going on in my studio:


– De-acidification, dry and wet cleaning

– Repairing cracks and holes

– Repaire holes and missing parts by creating new paper

7 - kopie (2)

Capital Band:

Antique books have usually capital band sewn by hand. There can be chosen from different techniques and many color combinations.

DSC00093 DSC00094

Boards of the bookcover

Signs can be recovered from a slight injury. If necessary, they are replaced by new plates. Old planks are restored if that turns out to be necessary. If they are too heavily damaged by woodworm, they will be replaced by new shelves, if possibly with the same type of wood.

IMG_0001 IMG_0004 IMG_0007 IMG_0008 IMG_0013Restoration of 16th century books from Münsterland (D)


– Cleaning and provide nutrition

– Repair pivot points

– Remake missing pieces

IMG_0018  IMG_0024Restored 16th century books from Saint Wandrille (F)

Parchment and charters:

– Dry cleaning

– making flat

– easing

– Charters also receive an appropriate folder or etui

initialen  initialen1  initialen2Manuscripts from the Wittem monastery in Wittem Zuid-Limburg (NL)


Copper or brass closure will be restored and, if necessary, newly created in matching style

DSCN6634    DSCN6633    P1010241 P1010243 P1010248Closure is restored and made new


During the retoration of antique books, often described pieces of parchment come free, which are used by the first bookbinder, for example as back-strengthener . These pieces which are sometimes very small, will included in a separate folder.

DSC00100 DSC00012

We are glad to make a no-obligation price quotation from work. In the case of restoration, can be realized, if desired, a description of the restoration process.

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